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The HandyPucker is a fine powder distribution device allowing for a clean collection and distribution of small amounts of fine powder. The HandyPucker can be used in many areas from the seasonings in your kitchen to Labs settings. Currently, made from re-claimed materials. It has a flexible tip for easy corner collection and a quarter tsp measuring scale on the plunger to help with measured distribution. 


***This version of THP is not used as a cigarette form. For our cigarette form see The HandyPucker 'Zatarra'***


How To Use:

   1 Pull Plunger Back to desired collection amount

   2 Plunge collection tube into material that has been raked into a pile

      **Note** the deeper the pile the easier the collection will be

   3 Press Plunger to express material into desired device or container

          Repeat steps as necessary


The HandyPucker comes standard with Beeswax /Polish finish. 

New / The HandyPucker 'Dantes'

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